Late to the Game: A Confession You Will Not Believe Is True

it seems I’m usually out of the loop when it comes to big series that everyone’s always talking about. Well, let me take that back. I’m not out of the loop per say, I just haven’t read them yet. Here’s my problem. If I start a book knowing it’s a series and then finish it and think it’s the most fan-freaking-tastic book ever …and then I have to wait a YEAR for the next installment? That’s a recipe for a major book hangover. So here we are with the LAST book of the DIVERGENT series being release (ALLEGIANT), and I haven’t read one word in the series yet. BUT, I have purchased the first book on my Kindle and if it turns out to rock my world, I can gobble up the next two with no hesitation! See how nice that is? But still, I do feel like I’m sitting all alone in the lunchroom while everyone else SQUEES over ALLEGIANT being out.

But now for my real confession …where I talk about series that I haven’t read yet that pretty much everyone and their mother (and their grandmother) has read but me, only one makes me cringe at my own delay.

The Harry Potter series. *waits for you to spit out your tea onto your screen and then curse loudly while you clean it up and rant about how it’s impossible I haven’t read that series yet* Continue reading


Hello friends! I have a special cover reveal for you today! This is for book #2 in the Boring Life series by my very good friend and co-blogger at The Writer Diaries, Jen Naumann. It is a YA Paranormal (including zombies if you didn’t get the memo) due out November 2013!! Jen designs her book covers herself, and let me tell you it is gorgeously zombified!!! Plus, Jen is giving away FIVE copies of the first book in the series (THE DAY ZOMBIES RUINED MY PERFECTLY BORING LIFE) so you can get acquainted with the series if you haven’t heard of it! Before we get to that prettified cover and giveaway though, here is a sneak peak on what THE TIME ZOMBIES BECAME THE LEAST OF MY WORRIES is about!


Ever since the zombie virus hit Emma’s irritatingly boring Midwestern hometown, she’s been on the run with her old best friend-turned-boyfriend Finn. On their journey, they’ve witnessed some pretty disgusting deaths, narrowly escaped life-threatening escapades that sometimes included one of their own pulling a gun on them numerous times, and redefined the definition of what makes up a family (as it turns out, soldiers and geeks can be pretty decent). They’ve even learned the disturbing truth behind the mysterious virus. But after Emma was bit by one of the infected trying to save her neighbor boy, she was told she would not have long to live.

In the thrilling sequel to The Day Zombies Ruined My Perfectly Boring Life, Finn will help to tell the story as Emma and the gang are faced with the most crucial life-changing decisions yet. They’ll come across an unfortunate group of rednecks, discover the truth of what happened to Finn’s federal agent mother, and finally see a chance at truly being safe without having to run anymore. But in the middle of it all, Emma and Finn’s relationship will soar to completely uncomfortable levels when Finn takes things one step too far. And between being injected with an unknown liquid, taking on a completely unexpected (and really agitating alliance), and being left for dead by those she loves most, Emma will realize that zombies are the least of her worries.

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Book Review: SHADOWLARK by Meagan Spooner

By Meagan Spooner
Published Oct. 1, 2013 by Carolrhoda Lab
336 Pages
I have been intrigued with the SKYLARK series for awhile now but, alas, never picked it up until recently. You know how it goes. You see a book that seems to have a sweet concept and the author sounds awesome and everything points to a great read but …life gets in the way or you want to read books more aligned with what you’re own writing or ….you get the picture. That’s what happened with this series. I have been wanting to read it for a long time but the stars never aligned…until I scored a Digital Reader’s Copy from NetGalley of SHADOWLARK, the second book in the series. Then I was like CRAP, I need to read the first one FIRST.So I read SKYLARK in, like, a day and was ready to GO. Continue reading