10 Writing Tips I Wish I Would Have Known: Volume 1

Since 2012 when I began writing hard-core style, I have learned a few tips that I would have LOVED to have known when I was first starting out. I figure that this journey will be ongoing and I will never stop acquiring new ideas, so I decided to just label this as Volume 1. The next time I feel like I am bursting with awesome writerly wisdom, I will start in on Volume 2 pronto.

I am so excited to share so let us begin!

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Celebrate the Small Things Hop

vik - small things 2So here we are again, week 2, to Celebrate the Small Things this week! If you are new to this whole blog hop thing, all you have to do is sign up on the linky below if you want to join! If you already have, then go around to each blog that signed up and congratulate or just say YAY to everyone and their accomplishments for this week! (Full instructions at our host Vikki’s post here!)

Unfortunately my writing hasn’t gotten very far since last week so I can’t really say anything particular about my that. I DID go to my first local writing group meeting though and I was very proud of myself! I am a very introverted person and although I have no problem conversing with people over the evasive internets, I sometimes have trouble with the whole meeting-strangers-face-to-face. But I am glad I did it because I think it can only do good things for me and my writing journey! (If you really want to read more about this experience it is right here!)

Anyways, that is my big accomplishment from this week – putting myself out there face-to-face with other writers and admitting that I have the writing disease and have no intention of being cured. 🙂

What did you celebrate this week? Let me know in the comments or join the hop and I will find out on your blog!

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Next Big Thing: The Beholder

So I have seen this “Next Big Thing” post going around for awhile now and have been patiently waiting to get picked. However, when I saw my friend Tabitha post hers I pretty much begged her to pick me as someone to tag. She is a super nice girl so she obliged willingly. Thanks Tabitha!! 🙂

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Win a Critique of your Writing by Lindsay Cummings

lindsay-cummingsYoung Adult author, Lindsay Cummings, is currently hosting a giveaway in which she will select three people from the entries and will read 3 chapters of their work and give a critique. Sounds like a good deal, right? And it only took a few minutes to enter so, why not try it out?

About Lindsay: Lindsay Cummings is a 21-year-old author of THE MURDER COMPLEX series (coming Summer 2014) from Greenwillow Books/HarperCollins. She loves dystopians, loves sci-fi, and can’t get enough of Supernatural right now. Lindsay deals with chronic fatigue, owns two German Shepherds, one wolf cub, and a real live Budweiser draft horse named Dan the Man! Lindsay collects weapons, loves to shoot guns and bows, and can’t wait stop dying her hair crazy colors. She’s still waiting on her letter from Hogwarts–it was probably just lost in the mail. She loves Jesus and believes all of her success is His doing! You can follow Lindsay on twitter @lindsaycwrites! Or keep updated on her books at lindsaycummingsbooks.com. Continue reading

My First Local Writing Group Experience

writing-groupContinuing on with my theme of community, I attended my first local writing group this past Monday which is hosted by professional writer Nancy Christie. I would probably have no idea about the group still if my dad hadn’t showed me the announcement in the local paper (people still read the paper??). I had done countless searches online for local groups and was never able to find anything – I guess some people still spread the word the old-school way. Continue reading

Pop the Champagne! We’re LIVE

Hello all my fantastic, adorable, wonderful readers. I am in an amazing mood because my group writer blog THE WRITER DIARIES has gone live today!

Yep yep – so go on over the The Writer Diaries and say hi!! We have a lot planned for this year and some exciting surprises. Look around, check out the contributors’ bios, and see the first Song for a Scene post! Our schedule for the future is going to look something like this: Continue reading

Celebrate The Small Things Hop

So I have joined up with my friend Vikki over at VikLit where she has started an awesome blog hop! Every Friday, we hop around to everyone’s blog. They should have posted an accomplishment for the week and our job is to go around and congratulate / celebrate with them!

vik - small things 2Positive energy creates only more positive energy so let’s blow up the blogosphere with it!

For my positive accomplishment this week: I reached 35,000 words in my first draft of THE BEHOLDER. I am 5,000 away from 40K! I still feel like I am so far from the end, but I just keep putting more and more words down and, eventually, I will look at the screen and realize I am done! Right??? I mean that has to eventually happen at some point.

So YAY me! Now hop around to the other blogs and tell them congrats! See the link below to view the other blogs or sign up yourself!

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Surviving as a Writer: Community is Key

I have learned a very important lesson this past week while I was pursuing an idea that had been floating around in my head for awhile. I had this idea where I asked the few writers that I have met through Twitter, forums, CP exchanges, etc. if they wanted to start a group writing blog with me. I know that I already pretty much document my every move of this writing journey on my own blog here but I had this itch to share it with others, to work alongside my fellow aspiring writers and learn more about it than I could from just pondering things over by myself.

To my surprise, the idea spread like wildfire and I got 11 other writers involved on this project with me. Continue reading

When Someone Else Publishes Your Idea

No, I don’t mean literally YOUR manuscript. I mean when you are steadily working along on that WIP that is going to be your ticket into the publishing world, the idea that your new-found agent is going to swoon over for years. The “THIS IS THE ONE” one!

And then…you see a new book come out and you start to read the description and you think, hey wait a minute, that sounds awfully familiar! Continue reading