The Difference Between Wanting a Dream and Knowing Your Dream

So, I used to dream about being a rock star. I would write songs on my guitar or piano as a teen and record them on my little computer mike. I would imagine singing them to a huge crowd, which conveniently would include ex-boyfriends (all 1 1/2 of them) who did me wrong and were dying to have another chance with my beautiful and talented self. I would go into the bathroom with my CD Walkman and sing to the mirror, perfecting my “performing face,” complete with dim lighting and overdone make-up. That was my dream and I wanted it oh so bad.

Now let’s grow up a little bit and come back to the realities of this dream I had. This dream I wanted. Why didn’t it work out? Why am I not still relentlessly crooning at coffee shops and pushing my demo CD on every person who has a pulse? Because I didn’t know my dream. I wanted it for sure but I didn’t know it like I needed to in order to make it a reality. Continue reading

First Entry Ever

So when I first considered starting a blog as a novice writer, I thought NO WAY! What am I going to be able to write about writing that will make any sense?? Here there are a thousand PUBLISHED authors out there with blogs that everyone will migrate to and if someone even HAPPENED to stumble across mine they would hurt themselves in the process of trying to leave it so quickly…maybe get a sprained pointer finger or something.

But that I reconsidered what my goal was even to begin with and that is to *insert triumphant music* become a PUBLISHED author myself! So what better way to help people then to show them the journey to (hopefully) getting published?? We can start here at the beginning where I have absolutely no “ins” in the publishing industry and I have absolutely NOTHING professionally published. Continue reading