Poems By An Eight Year Old Me

So my mother was going through the massive amount of things she has hidden and tucked away in her basement and she found some old papers of mine from my school days as a second grader. She must have been a meticulous mother back then or just very bored sitting at home with children because she dropped a few binders worth of my grade school career on the kitchen table when I was over yesterday.

About 98% of the stuff was mundane, everyday school work like spelling tests and math quizzes but there were a few hidden gems deep within the endless supply of graded 100% papers (I had a fetish for being perfect when I was little).

children-writing-poemsSome of these sparkling representations of my younger self were some poems written on a small piece of tablet paper. I have to assume that this wasn’t a school assignment since there was no grade or any comments from my ever-praising teacher, Mrs. Rose. It must have just been something I randomly wrote out of the pure desire to write and she had thought they were good enough to keep. I am very grateful she did as it made me chuckle and also marvel at the thoughts of an eight year old me. Enjoy!

Untitled #1

From my noes to my toes,
To my chin to my shin,
There is no one exactly like me.
From my waist to my sit-upon place!

Though you search far and near
I know that you will find
There is no one like me,
I am one of a kind!

Untitled #2

Vases with flowers,
A very happy time.
Love might come to you…

Even though you might think no one likes you,
Though I love you.
I do love you.

No one can break us up,
Even the baddest sound or sign.

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