That Time I Wrote a Novel

I will have a more serious post about this going up on The Writer Diaries in about a week but right now, I’m too tired for that. All I want to do is post what I said I was going to post when I finished the first draft of my novel. And that includes MERMAIDS and STRIPPERS.

This is how accomplished I feel, like a giant wave could surface behind me and make me look all majestic and hot while wearing a bikini made of sea shells.

And this one is just, well, I’m pretty sure it’s obvious. I think it captures my mood and excitement rather well. HAH!

Ugh, but I am tired after almost 12 hrs of editing and it is currently in my very capable CP hands to give me feedback, so there’s nothing more I can do for it now. Except shout: OMG I FINALLY FINISHED MY FIRST DRAFT OF MY FIRST NOVEL EVER!!! Okay, I’m done now I swear.


When Someone Else Publishes Your Idea

No, I don’t mean literally YOUR manuscript. I mean when you are steadily working along on that WIP that is going to be your ticket into the publishing world, the idea that your new-found agent is going to swoon over for years. The “THIS IS THE ONE” one!

And then…you see a new book come out and you start to read the description and you think, hey wait a minute, that sounds awfully familiar! Continue reading

Pictures Worth a Thousand Moods and More

I promise, this is the last time I will shove my sweet “book banner” down your throat. Ok, maybe not the last time but it will become less infrequent. I only want to use it as an example in this post about stirring up the creative mind and setting your mood right in your head and in your novel.

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One Thousand Words and Beyond

It has been two days of outlining and fleshing out my characters and two days of actually writing for my new WIP, The Beholder, and I already have 1,000 words! That may not seem like a whole lot but I am happy with it because it is 1,000 words more than what I was accomplishing on my series this past month.

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Taking a Hiatus on my WIP Series

When it comes to writing, I have a “I’m not quitting” mentality this time around. It is very important to me to zero in on this ever-changing craft and publish my own stories to share with the world. I am not, by any means, taking a hiatus from that dream. However, this series that I have bouncing around in my head has too many flaws for me to deal with and stay confident. It is a story close to my heart and I will not put it to sleep for good but it just needs to take an afternoon nap right now. Since I have never fully completed a manuscript, not even a rough draft version of one, I think the concept of a three book series with a lot of subplots going on is overwhelming me. I have been spending way too much time trying to sort and outline and plan and NO time really writing. And even after all the planning work, I still feel like key elements are missing from the story. So I feel the best thing for me to do right now is put it aside and regroup.

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