Similes Exclusive to the World You Are Creating

I am a big fan of similes. Like, the biggest. If they ever became rock stars, I would be one of the crazy girls waiting backstage to see a glimpse of them, holding up my big glittery/neon/heart-covered poster that read “I love you Similes!” and crying profusely when “As” or “Like” touched my hand. So yeah, I have a thing for similes.

I don’t think I need to school you on what similes are, but if I did, I would say they are used to compare two different things using the words “like” or “as”. I will even provide you examples created by…you guessed it, ME.

It fell from the sky like the last firework on the fourth of July.

The corn rustled and hissed as they pushed through it, like they had awakened a thousand rattlesnakes all at once.

He threw down the stone as if he had been holding a hot coal and ran as fast as his wobbling legs could carry him.

SEE!!! I love them. Continue reading