First Entry Ever

So when I first considered starting a blog as a novice writer, I thought NO WAY! What am I going to be able to write about writing that will make any sense?? Here there are a thousand PUBLISHED authors out there with blogs that everyone will migrate to and if someone even HAPPENED to stumble across mine they would hurt themselves in the process of trying to leave it so quickly…maybe get a sprained pointer finger or something.

But that I reconsidered what my goal was even to begin with and that is to *insert triumphant music* become a PUBLISHED author myself! So what better way to help people then to show them the journey to (hopefully) getting published?? We can start here at the beginning where I have absolutely no “ins” in the publishing industry and I have absolutely NOTHING professionally published.

Now, this may not technically be the “beginning” of my writing career as I started writing stories and having ideas for novels way back when I was a little seedling. (I will have to dig up some of those old stories to share one day because just saying they were horrible does NOT do them justice at all.) But this is the beginning of when I feel I am at a place in my life where writing can be a main priority and that I have every intention for it to lead to seeing my book out on bookstore shelves.

This is me putting up a spanking clean slate on the wall of my life goals and stating that writing stories is what I want to do for a living. Although I know it will be hard and sometimes even infuriating trying to ring those perfect scenes and moments out of my overactive and overzealous brain, I am committed to doing it…because nothing makes me more proud then to have someone read my story and tell me how much they loved it, what their favorite part or line was, or how much they enjoyed a character I created. There is nothing that beats it and no price tag that can be placed on it (although I do eventually want to making my living doing this so…there will have to be some kind of price tag on it for survival’s sake).

I have read so many happy success stories and also read so many repeatedly rejected stories that it makes me both excited and scared at the same time. But I believe in my writing and I believe I have that “spark” that is known as storytelling. First and foremost, I have always been a lover of words, and I think that, mixed with some talent, can really take you a long way if you are in it for the long run…

So here we go!

2 thoughts on “First Entry Ever

  1. Looks like we are on the same journey, always good to meet fellow travelers! I wish you the best with your writing and would love to read your stories sometime 🙂

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