Pop the Champagne! We’re LIVE

Hello all my fantastic, adorable, wonderful readers. I am in an amazing mood because my group writer blog THE WRITER DIARIES has gone live today!

Yep yep – so go on over the The Writer Diaries and say hi!! We have a lot planned for this year and some exciting surprises. Look around, check out the contributors’ bios, and see the first Song for a Scene post! Our schedule for the future is going to look something like this:

The Tuesday Topic: On Tuesdays, each of us will chime in with our perspective on a popular writing topic. We’ll ask for your point of view in the comments!
Writers’ Review: On Wednesday, one of us will suggest a new book that we’re sure you’ll love!
Write Now: On Thursdays, we’ll all come together to give you a short insight into what we’re doing for our craft at that single point in time.
Song for a Scene Saturday: On Saturday, one of us will share with you a specific song that inspired or influenced a scene in our writing.
Dear Diary: A look into the milestones and pitfalls of our journey. We aim for an honest and pull-no-punches view into our minds as we navigate our path to publication.
Fact and Fiction: We will tell you about one of our personal experiences that differed from our expectations.
What’s New: We’ll highlight book releases, contests, other fabulous blogs, and other happenings in our community.
Who to Watch for: Interviews with up-and-comers as well as industry vets!

Also, be sure to be checking back because for our one month anniversary we will be giving away a query review! That’s right, you will get a chance to enter to have your query reviewed by many sets of eyes and have feedback galore to make sure it is the best FREAKING query that you can send out.

So what are you waiting for?? Hope over to The Writer Diaries and say hello!

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