Music Mondays: You Me at Six

If you didn’t know this about me, I’m a music freak. It’s almost as bad as my obsession with reading/writing. Music often inspires different scenes in my writing or helps me set a mood right. I am always creating playlists when I write books, and I can go back and listen to them and remember the whole writing process vividly.

I have to believe I’m not the only writer out there who gets a little giddy when finding new good music, so I figured I would share any gems I find every week.

Today, I stumbled upon the new album CAVALIER YOUTH by the band You Me at Six.

Cavalier-Youth-PackshotNow, I’ve listened to You Me at Six before. (In fact, I’ve been obsessed with their song No One Does It Better on my last book playlist). So I am already familiar with the band and their sound. However, I never really listened to a whole album all the way through, and I did for this one.


I really found the whole album catchy, but some tracks that really stood out to me were Too Young to Feel This Old, Room to Breathe, Love Me Like You Used To, Carpe Diem, and Wild Ones.

Related Artists

You may like You Me at Six if you are a fan of Paramore, All Time Low, We the Kings, or Mayday Parade.

How to Listen

Spotify or iTunes is a good place to start. Or you can check it out on YouTube here.

Check Out the Band

Scope out their website or hit them up on Twitter and/or Facebook!

So that is my first Music Monday feature! Let me know what you think and if you have any awesome new music you’ve discovered this week!

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