Celebrate the Small Things Hop

vik - small things 2I’m here and ready to Celebrate the Small Things! If you are new to this blog hop, all you have to do is sign up on the linky below if you want to join! If you already have, then go around to each blog that signed up and congratulate or just say YAY to everyone and their accomplishments for this week! (Full instructions at our host Vikki’s post here!)

So the things I am thankful for this week…hmmmm. Well, as far as writing goes, I found two more CPs that I think are going to work out fabulous! I think the more opinions the better, so even though I have a few CPs already, I think a few more never hurts. Also, I had a break through in my novel. There was something missing in the plot in that I had to find a way for my two MCs to fall in love naturally but they never really saw each other. That’s kind of a problem. But yeah, solved that one earlier this week so we are back in business! Also, we gained a new writer on The Writer Diaries and **gasp** it’s a boy!! I hope he knows what he’s in for!

As for non-writing related things, I really enjoyed seeing my family around Easter. It is always interesting when my family gets together, there is always a few good stories to go around!

What did you celebrate this week? Let me know in the comments or join the hop and I will find out on your blog!

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6 thoughts on “Celebrate the Small Things Hop

  1. This week, I am celebrating antibiotics. My sinus infection is gradually resolving, thanks to the horse-pills I take morning and night. πŸ™‚

    Glad you had a break in your book!

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