Cover Reveal of EYRE HOUSE by Caitlin Greer

So we have a cover reveal today! It is EYRE HOUSE by the lovely Caitlin Greer. Haven’t heard of the book yet? Have no fear because I’ve got the description right here!

When eighteen-year-old orphan Evan Richardson signed up to work at Eyre House, on the sleepy tourist getaway of Edisto Island, SC, he never expected to find himself dodging ghosts. But Eyre House seems to have more than its fair share of things that go bump in the night, and most of them seem to surround his employer’s daughter.

Back from her freshman year of college, Ginny Eyre is dangerous from word one. She’s a bad girl with ghosts of her own, and trouble seems to follow her everywhere she goes. But living or dead, trouble isn’t just stalking Ginny. When her ex-boyfriend is found murdered in the pool, Evan knows he’s got two choices – figure out what’s going on, or become the next ghost to haunt Ginny Eyre.

Are you ready for the cover reveal of EYRE HOUSE by Caitlin Greer. I didn’t think so, but you don’t really have a choice anymore. Because it is here!!

Eyre House

Pretty snazzy, huh? I love me some danger and boys who drive motorcycles!

A little bit about the author: Caitlin Greer!

cait-greerCaitlin Greer writes YA sci-fi and fantasy because she loves making worlds and things up, and YA contemporary because she just sort of fell into it and discovered she’s good at it. Her best friends growing up were the combined works of Robin McKinley, Madeline L’Engle, Anne McCaffrey, Andre Norton, and too many others to mention.

Caitlin is the quintessential contradiction. The smart jock, the military brat who was a die-hard romantic at heart. And let’s not get started on her love of rubber duckies or fluffy things. She drives a Jeep, loves the outdoors, takes pictures of everything she can, and writes obsessively. She’s a martial artist and a teacher, and is owned by two cats who started out incredibly small, and are now incredibly huge.

Catch her on Twitter @Cait_Greer or blogging at the awesome YA Misfits, along with her own blog site here!

Also, be sure to add it to your Goodreads lists here! This book is coming in July 2013, so get ready!!!

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