That Time I Wrote a Novel

I will have a more serious post about this going up on The Writer Diaries in about a week but right now, I’m too tired for that. All I want to do is post what I said I was going to post when I finished the first draft of my novel. And that includes MERMAIDS and STRIPPERS.

This is how accomplished I feel, like a giant wave could surface behind me and make me look all majestic and hot while wearing a bikini made of sea shells.

And this one is just, well, I’m pretty sure it’s obvious. I think it captures my mood and excitement rather well. HAH!

Ugh, but I am tired after almost 12 hrs of editing and it is currently in my very capable CP hands to give me feedback, so there’s nothing more I can do for it now. Except shout: OMG I FINALLY FINISHED MY FIRST DRAFT OF MY FIRST NOVEL EVER!!! Okay, I’m done now I swear.


6 thoughts on “That Time I Wrote a Novel

  1. Congratulations. That is such an amazing achievement. After reading your blog for about a year it’s a great pleasure to see you finish your first draft, and your posts have given me the kick up the bum to start writing mine and stick with it.

    • Wow, I’m so very touched to hear you’ve been following along. Yes, it has been a long road but this last month I really was determined to reach THE END and I did it! You can too 🙂

      • I think the thing that has particularly inspired me the most about your journey is that when you noticed issues with your manuscript you resolved them, even if it meant you had to start from the drawing board.

        Can’t wait to continue following your journey. Good luck.

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