The Writer Diaries Giveaway


Hello everyone! I don’t want to take too much of your time, I just wanted to make sure you all knew that the group writer blog I started (The Writer Diaries) is doing a huge giveaway for our 1 year anniversary! Yippee! The grand prize is a KINDLE FIRE along with other great goodies like signed books and critiques of queries and first pages! If you have any interest in winning any (or all) of these prizes, head on over to the Anniversary post here and enter to win!

Okay, done with my promotion. Good luck! 🙂

Audio Book vs. Head Voice

kindle-fire-hd-89I have never been one to borrow or buy audio books and listen to them; I have always preferred just reading the book myself. However, I just got a Kindle Fire for Christmas and now this audio book thing has become a very possible alternative. With the technology right there in my grasp, the idea of me just sitting there and listening to a story started to intrigue me enough until I finally found some classics that I could download for free along with the audio versions. I also found out that I could borrow books from my library in this same fashion.

Unfortunately though, I felt like I was missing a lot out of the whole “reading” process by just listening to the story. Here were some problems I had with “digesting” a book audio-style: Continue reading