One Thousand Words and Beyond

It has been two days of outlining and fleshing out my characters and two days of actually writing for my new WIP, The Beholder, and I already have 1,000 words! That may not seem like a whole lot but I am happy with it because it is 1,000 words more than what I was accomplishing on my series this past month.

I will say there is one negative thing that I have noticed so far. My actual writing seems to lack any and all vigor or wonder. Yes, the ideas and plot points and characters came to me pretty easily but I feel like I am spitting middle-school level material out of my fingers onto the page. It doesn’t seem to have the poetic and mysterious flavoring that my series had.

I know all stories won’t have the same feelings, so I will continue to push forward. I want to get my first chapter setup but then I might jump around to the initial scenes that got my excited about this story. That might knock some vigorous phrases out of me and help better set the mood. I picture it being more dark and unstable with a touch of hopeful revelation. Right now it is too…comical. I am trying to make the main character not seem totally depressed but at the same time, she kind of is and just doesn’t know it …and plus her whole world is about to change very badly so, there’s that to consider.

Either way, I think the most important thing to do now is just to keep writing. For all of the hundreds of blog posts I have read with advice about writing, that is the main recommendation: KEEP WRITING. Also, all first drafts suck. It is inevitable. I think I am trying to edit and revise when I only have 1,000 words down. Those words (most likely) won’t even be in the final draft so why am I trying to conform them into the cleverest outtakes known to man??

My goal is by the end of November to have at least 20,000 words (roughly 1/3 done). It’s nowhere near the aspirations of NaNoWriMo-ers but, alas, I am not that lofty in my goal setting.

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